Success stories ICAR:

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Success stories documented:

S.No. Success story Title Coverage
1 Participatory Paddy Hybrid Seed Production – A Needful Step to Sustain Farming Seoni
2. System of Rice Intensification Proved to be Beneficial Sidhi
3 Integrated Farming System - An Answer to Low Income Mandla Mandla
4 Productivity Enhancement Due to Soybean – Wheat Crop Sequencing Sagar Sagar
5 Improved Variety and Package Raised Productivity of Chickpea Sidhi
6 Revolution in Gram Production through Wilt Eradication Shahdol Shahdol
7 Way to Success from Management Graduate to Successful AgriEntrepreneur Rewa
8 Diversification Leads to Success Harda
9 Banana Plantation through Tissue Culture - A Boon Harda
10 High Returns from Papaya Cultivation Chhindwara
11 Hybrid Chili Cultivation Stopped the Migration Tikamgarh
12 Utilizing the Waste Land for the Incremental Income through Turmeric Cultivation Rewa
13 A Profitable Shine under a Tree Shed Umaria Umaria
14 Dairy, A Successful Enterprise  Hoshangabad
15 A Profitable Journey to Mixed Farming Betul Betul
16 Mushroom Cultivation: A Ray of Hope to Landless  Betul
17 Success Due to Improved Water Chestnut Production Practices Seoni
18 Group Efforts for Seed Security and Additional Income Shahdol
19 We Can- A house wife to broiler producing women entrepreneur Tikamgarh
20 Journey From Bio-Gas to Resource Conservation Tikamgarh
21 Enhancing the Efficiency of Farm Women through Farm Implement Rewa
22 Pre-sowing seed management in Soybean for enhanced productivity Rewa
23 Processing God’s Fruit: Marching towards Empowerment Panna
24 Success Due to Improved Water Chestnut Production Practices Seoni
25 Self employment through right direction Rewa
26 Wider Approach By KMS Through All India Radio – An Innovation Rewa
27 Farmer innovates a bullock drawn seed drill locally Mandla